Making Online Safety a No-Brainer!

 Limit Screen Time
 Filtered Kids Safe Internet
 Switch off Social Media
 Switch off YouTube

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Works with all WiFi enabled devices
KidsSafetyNet is simple to setup and get going with no need to install anything on your kids' devices.
KidsSafetyNet is a separate filtered WiFi service just for your kids delivered by our Yellow Box that is simple to set up and get going.
It's safety first with our super simple KidsSafetyNet App. It installs in seconds and you don't even need to visit the App store!

Order KidsSafetyNet before the end of August and get 15% off the price of the Yellow Box plus 3 months subscription FREE.

KidsSafetyNet is a protected WiFi service in your home just for kids and comes with all the features you need to keep your kids safe online:

  The KidsSafetyNet Yellow Box
  Our Smart App for Android / Apple / Desktop
  World Class Filtering (updated daily)
  Malware and Virus protection
  A range of options to suit every home and budget