How KidsSafetyNet Protects Your Kids

The KidsSafetyNet Yellow Box may look small but it’s doing a BIG job. Inside that little box are several safety layers to keep your kids safe online.

Category Filtering

Every Yellow Box comes with a comprehensive filtering layer that is activated as soon as you plug it in and set it up.

And to ensure that your child doesn’t gain access to any content categories that may be unsuitable or dangerous (including Ads), we’ve partnered with zvelo - the global leader in web filtering, content categorization, malicious & phishing detection, and cyber threat intelligence.

Or in other words, the best in the business! zvelo is as passionate about making the internet safe as KidsSafetyNet is about keeping kids safe online. So we knew they were the perfect partner. You can find out more about them and their partner network with over 600+ million end users here!

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But Wait There’s More!

On top of that, KidsSafetyNet offers even more filtering options via the App. These options are ones a parent can choose to turn on or off depending on what works for their family …

Block Social Media

This does exactly as it says and when enabled, blocks any attempt by a user to access a Social Media site.

This blocking is done locally inside the box and will block access to all known Social Media sites and also their background data sites (the bits the Apps talk to).

This list will grow over time and currently has over 40 sites.

Keep your Kids safe online

Enable Safe Search

Many Search Engines like Google have a Safe or Strict mode that attempts to filter Search Results to remove offensive material.

When this is enabled on the App, the Yellow Box will force any Search Engine with this feature to automatically go into Safe mode.

Currently we support Safe Search on Google, Bing, YouTube and Duckduck go. As more Search Engines support this feature, we’ll add them!

(N.B. All results returned are what the search provider deems Safe, so there may be times that the Search Results return content outside of what we’d hope. However, anything clicked on in a Search Result becomes subject to our filtering so anything within any of our filtered categories will be blocked at that point.)

Block Public Video Sites

This allows you to block access to public video sites and currently covers YouTube and Vimeo.

YouTube unfortunately contains a trove of content that ain’t suitable for kids so having the ability to switch it off means that only you decide when your kids have access. If you have Safe Search enabled on the App, YouTube search results will have an extra level of filtering too.

Once they see it, they can't unsee it

What if my site isn’t listed?

Sometimes a new website may not be in our extensive filter list. When this happens, we block the site just to make sure but we also submit the site to our partner Zvelo for categorisation.

This process should take less than 24 hours. Once this process is complete, and the site fits our filtering criteria, you can access it.