The Simple Solution to Online Safety

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 Filtered Kids Safe Internet
 Switch off Social Media
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Simple Online Safety for your Kids

What is KidsSafetyNet?

KidsSafetyNet is the simple solution to online safety for children up to the age of 15. Simple because it’s Plug-and-Play with a User-Super-Friendly App! Safe because it provides up-to-date filtering against malware, spam and anything a child should not see - along with the option to block all Social Media, set Time Limits plus other features designed to make your kids’ online exploration even safer.

And to top it off, we’ve made sure that parents retain full access to the internet without having to be subject to their kids’ online safety needs. Which means you get the internet you want while your kids get the internet they need!

Why KidsSafetyNet?

Keeps Our Kids Safe

KidsSafetyNet's mission is to protect childhood – to make the internet a fun, enjoyable, educational space for every child and teen that visits it. It's here to provide the best of the internet so that your kids can get the digital skills they need without coming across the dangers that we all know are out there.

Relieves the Pressure of Online Parenting

We also wanted to assist parents with the job of online parenting; to make it easy and hassle-free. So we created a solution that can be plugged in then forgotten about knowing it’s protecting your kids’ online adventures. Most of all, we wanted to stop the nonsense of making a parent’s internet access subject to the same rules and limits that a child needs. (We don’t believe parents should be treated like children just because they have them!) So we’ve kept them separate. Simply connect your child’s device to the KidsSafetyNet WiFi and your own to the main WiFi service. Voila!

Simple to Set Up

Simply plug the Yellow Box into your existing WiFi router, choose your options on our App and let your kids’ safe exploration begin!

Manage your Yellow Box
Or use our app.
THe Kids Safety Net Mobile App


Eveything you need to keep your kids safe online with no fuss and no data collection

Kids Safety Net - The KSN Yellow Box keeps your children safe online

Switch WiFi on and off

Remotely switch the WiFi on and off from your mobile

Block all Social Media

Block and unblock access to all Social Media sites

Block Video Sites

Block and unblock access to public video sites like YouTube

Enable SafeSearch

Enable this option to force Safe Search options on search engines (where available)

Set Time Limits

Set Time Limits for your kids’ online activity

Customised Filtering

Fine tune our Web filtering to work for your family

No Data Collection

We don't collect any personal usage data and never will

Simple Set Up

Plug into your existing internet router and switch it on... done!

Coming soon New Zealand!

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